More than 500 Orthodox churches to be built in Moscow

Moscow, August 30, Interfax – State Duma deputy Vladimir Resin who oversees the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow, known as the “program-200”, reported a significant increase in its scale.

“More than a dozen years will pass, and churches will be built. Moscow is developing, Moscow is growing. And if you have churches within walking distance (one church for 20-30 thousand people), of course, then we should not be talking about 200 or 300 churches. And not even about 500 churches,” Resin said during a visiting meeting.

At the same time, he admitted that it has already been possible to achieve the number of churches necessary for local residents in some areas of Moscow.

The program for the construction of Orthodox churches was launched in 2010 on the initiative of Patriarch Kirill. At the time of its implementation, Moscow, according to the estimates of the Russian Orthodox Church, was experiencing a special shortage of churches compared to other regions of Russia.

“Ten years after the laying of the first capsule in the foundation of the first program church, 283 church complexes have been in operation on the territory of the “big Moscow”, 103 church complexes have already been built,” said Resin.

The program is implemented entirely on donations. To raise funds, a charitable foundation was created to support the construction of churches in the city of Moscow, the co-chairs of the board of trustees are Mayor Sergey Sobyanin and Patriarch Kirill.


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