Believe It: A Top Old School Journalist Stands Up for Ivermectin and Free Speech

“Demand Surges for Deworming Drug for Covid,” The New York Times August 30 headline began with a deception before the graceful, barely discernible leap to a falsehood, “Despite Scant Evidence it Works.”

It was just another day in the most misleading, murderous coverage of a global issue in modern times, the attempted assassination of poor little ivermectin. Little Ivy, smaller and safer than aspirin and sometimes portrayed as a lovable little blue bird by its worldwide supporters, is the remarkably safe, affordable, FDA-approved, generic, Nobel-Prize winning drug known to doctors as one of the great “wonder drugs” in human history, rivaling penicillin, until it made the mistake of killing both COVID and big pharma profits like nothing known to science . Ivermectin made the critical mistake of saving hundreds of thousands of lives from COVID globally, documented by data scientists, health ministries, and ICU physicians around the world, with doses as common and cheap as the antibiotic that heals the kids’ knee scrapes: 10 cents a dose in India and a buck or two in upstate New York.


Decent piece but also a little cheap. Praise for a journalist who did basic research and told the truth, his job. Just what readers of this site have been doing for a year and a half. And thousands of others have been deplatformed, fired, and ridiculed for doing. That said, Walsh and Capuzzo will communicate with more of lazy USA than most of us will. And every bit helps. Consider that several hundred thousand Americans have died unnecessarily due to official suppression of known-to-be-effective treatments for covid, which are still being suppressed today, even banned. ABN

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