Air Force pilots resign over covid mandate

One officer, a 29-year-old F-22 Raptor pilot, said of the situation, “We undergo routine physicals and must meet rigorous fitness standards to stay on flight duty. I think it’s safe to say all Air Force pilots are in good physical condition. We must be to endure extreme G-force stress on our body. There is no reason we should be at risk of Covid-19 or becoming sick from it. I know I’m not alone in rejecting this potentially dangerous and soundly untested shot.”


Blaming the pandemic on unvaccinated, mandating young and healthy get vaccinated, risking combat readiness and pilot health by forcing vaccines on them, all make no scientific or rational sense. The precautionary principle demands vaccines be proved safe before they can be forced on people. Biden admin should fully disprove Steve Kirsch’s claims before rushing into even more dangerous nonsense. ABN

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