White House and Google using antiviral pills as preventative?

According to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, “…For themselves and their families they are doing exactly what I have advocated. For example, I know the whole executive staff of Google are on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. I am aware of their doctor putting them on it.” – Craig Kelly: “That is like a preventative or a prophylactic”. – Dr. Zelenko: “Yea, so, they are taking it for prevention not to get COVID. THEY ARE NOT TAKING THE VACCINE! (the doctor chuckles). Ahhh, the White House, the CDC and the FDA, they are not mandating for their employees to be vaccinated. So the hypocrisy is there’s a double standard. There’s the people that are in power that know the truth, that are doing it for themselves and their families, but for the rest of us mindless-sheep, they are advising to stay away from lifesaving measures. I am sorry, but the data is clear, dozens of studies have shown an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death if you treat this thing early within the first few days of symptoms. That means out of 600 thousand dead Americans for example, 510 thousand could have not even gone to the hospital. You see, the crimes here, are so massive, that the human mind cannot accept or comprehend the scale of the malfeasants and malevolence…”  (Video segment starts at 16mins:32secs, here. – source banned.video.)


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