Australian hospitals using IVM only for vaxxed in spite of banning it for early treatment

Originally tweeted by InterBang (@InterBang) on September 12, 2021.

Unconfirmed info but sadly believable. There has been a gradual takeover of the Western world starting many decades ago with infiltration into all of our major institutions, including health agencies. Much of this was invisible to most people unless they had personal experience with takeover techniques. When Pence stabbed Flynn in the back and MSM went full bore “Russian collusion,” the takeover became glaringly visible as the coup d’etat it was and is. Mueller and Vindman followed as obvious tools of the coupists. Now we are 18 months into covid mind-and-body-control and open authoritarianism, clearly approaching violent totalitarianism. The covid shot, which does not work, is an “ideological test.” Take it and you pass. Don’t take it and you will be purged, fired from your job. The effect will be even more totalitarianism in all of our major institutions. ABN

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