Geert Vanden Bossche on why “We have to rely on the UNVACCINATED to prevent dominant, highly infectious variants from rapidly evolving towards full resistance to the vaccines”

(1/7) This time, in a nutshell: All unvaccinated people who’re susceptible to C-19 disease (because of re-exposure shortly after primary infection due to high infectious pressure, or if otherwise immune suppressed, or if immunosenescent) and all vaccinees contribute to

(2/7) the ongoing explosive expansion of more infectious and increasingly anti-spike-Ab-resistant immune escape variants. However, ALL of the unvaccinated but not vaccinated (= still predominantly asymptomatically infected) contribute to herd immunity,

(3/7) either by virtue of naturally acquired immunity (i.e., those who were susceptible and recovered from C-19 disease) or by preventing or abrogating infection by ANY Sars-CoV-2 variant (i.e., all the unvaccinated who’re not susceptible to C-19 disease

(4/7) for lack of immune suppression of their multispecific innate immune effectors). We, therefore, have to rely on the unvaccinated to prevent dominant, highly infectious variants from rapidly evolving towards full resistance to the vaccines.

(5/7) We need, therefore, more unvaccinated people to protect the vaccinees. Hence, it’s imperative that we make love (=> baby boom to replenish reservoir of unvaccinated!) and no war (=> STOP mass vaccination).

(6/7) When presenting with first signs & symptoms, ALL MUST have free access to immune-strengthening supplements (mostly sufficient for the young & previously healthy) and early multidrug treatment (mostly required for the vulnerable & elderly).

(7/7) We're in this TOGETHER and, once again, I am BEGGING the WHO to give me a chance to explain all of the above.

Originally tweeted by Geert Vanden Bossche (@GVDBossche) on September 13, 2021.

The vaccines put a very particular evolutionary pressure (vax-induced antibodies) on the virus which causes variants that can escape that pressure to proliferate. Variants that can use that (antibody) pressure to help them infect even more cells are even more deadly. This does not happen in the unvaccinated because in them the virus elicits an immune response that is much broader than what the vax induces. For context, there are some 160 covid variants in the world at any point in time and all of them mutate regularly. Most mutations are not viable but some are. Viruses act on the body in swarms. It is absurd to claim variants that can evade vaccines “evolved in the unvaccinated.” It is absurd because the unvaccinated do not put that particular pressure on the virus, yet tens of thousands of vaccinees most certainly do. ABN

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