AZ AUDIT UPDATE: Maricopa Attorney Allister Adel to seek “treatment for anxiety and alcohol use”

September 10, 2021 (Phoenix, AZ)  “After a very difficult year for me medically, professionally and personally, I have made the decision to seek treatment for anxiety and to address unhealthy coping behaviors including an eating disorder and alcohol use. This is a very difficult announcement because I, like many others, have tried to address these issues on my own.

However, I know that if I am to be successful in my recovery, I must be honest and hold myself accountable. I have a challenging journey ahead to do better and be better for my friends, family, staff, this community and ultimately myself. I hope that you will find it in your hearts to give me the opportunity.


I wish her well. And also wonder if the following has something to do with it, like in a good way because no stopping it now? AG’s Office Says Maricopa County Must Provide Routers To Senate ‘Audit’ by September 27th. Her decision to “seek treatment” gives Adel a “graceful” way to bow out and or be pushed out and to have an excuse for stonewalling on the routers. ABN

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