Fauci pontificates on Nikki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls

Fauci tells Nikki Minaj her cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles and impotence claim is bogus, and there is no ‘mechanistic reason’ that it would happen. These are the types of things which make me think guys like Fauci might just be actors, and moreover, actors of astonishingly low IQ and total scientific ignorance. Here is a study which says, ” …ACE2 is highly expressed in human testes…” The spike protein is an ACE-2 ligand, or binding protein. So if you flood the system with spike protein, it can bind out to those receptors in the testes, among other places, and bring in inflammation. Moreover, it will alter Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-activity, which is associated with erectile dysfunction. Even just exposure to the Spike Protein in natural COVID infection produces impotence. So her assertions are at least plausible. But it is not even that he is wrong. It is that he claims to be knowledgeable in the biological sciences, and makes such a broad, all encompassing statement, when even an expert in the field of Spike Protein binding, or COVID immunology, would know such broad statements are foolish in the biological sciences, without extensive and specific examination for long periods of time.


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