PA ELECTION FRAUD UPDATE: Pennsylvania Senate committee is meeting this morning to vote on subpoenas for their 2020 election review.

Here's what they want.

.@SenTonyWilliams on subpoena:

"Pure unadulterated power grab"…
"Aimed to suppress voters rights"…
"And gross misuse of taxpayers’ dollars"

Sen. Dush says records are needed because "there have been questions regarding the validity of people…who have voted, whether or not they exist. …We’re not responding to proven allegations. We are investigating the allegations to determine whether or not they are factual."

.@SenSantarsiero says:

"There have been allegations about last year’s elections. I understand that. They've been proven to be without merit. Why do we now need this information?"

Who will have access to the records obtained via subpoena?

Dush says: "We are still working on getting the contracts finalized. A vendor who is capable of conducting such an investigation."

Also considering hiring outside counsel.

.@SenSantarsiero asks if the vendors have a relationship with former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

Dush: "I really don't know," says it's "not relevant to my determination" about picking a vendor.

.@JakeCorman says there's nothing to fear. "All we’re doing is seeking facts, seeking information, so we can make better public policy."

Also brings up the Trump-Russia investigation.

Corman says: "This investigation will be judged by its results. What is most important to me is the credibility of it."

Will be taxpayer-funded, not accepting outside money.

Republicans wouldn't be happy with a George Soros-funded investigation, for example, Corman says.

.@SenatorHughes calls the investigation a "fishing expedition," and adds that some GOP members on this committee were in Washington on Jan. 6.

Mastriano isn't present for the hearing. Voting by proxy.

Committee votes 7-4 against tabling the subpoena.

Costa says this raises separation of powers questions, says this kind of review is under exec branch purview. And reiterates that another cmte has oversight of elections, not this one.

Corman: "I like to stand up for the institution of the Senate….I believe in the institution. Part of our process is to gather sensitive information.
Will make sure that information is kept secure, that there is no process that gets leaked out and used for other purposes."

Dush says there's no cost estimate yet.

Pa. Senate panel votes 7-4 to issue the subpoena to the Department of State.

on a party-line vote, of course

Originally tweeted by Andrew Seidman (@AndrewSeidman) on September 15, 2021.

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