“Out of control situation at border”

AMAZING — Since the Biden administration has kicked @BillFOXLA and his team out from flying Fox News’s drones along the U.S./Mexico border in Del Rio, TX, *local* law enforcement decided to get him a helicopter to hop in and go check things out to continue reporting.

.@BillFOXLA Melugin: "This is a wild situation. We reported earlier that the FAA grounded our Fox News drones…Well, the troopers with Texas DPS are kind enough to let us go up in their helicopter…Look at the mass of people…It looks like there's a water park down there."

.@BillFOXLA on what Joe Biden DOESN'T want you to see: Border Patrol sources "tell me that this situation is 'out-of-control.' They need help. They say there aren't even enough porta-potties or food or anything…It looks like a large refugee camp."

.@BillFOXLA: "It is incredible to see this perspective up here. We hear the administration saying the border is closed. There's extremely progress being made. This doesn't not look like a closed border…This is hundreds of people streaming in…Pretty remarkable footage."

.@BillFOXLA: "We have no idea how long these people are going to be there…This has been happening all morning long…We are not allowed to the drive in…This situation looks like it is going to get worse before it gets better. The stream of people is not stopping."

.@BillFOXLA: It certainly does not look like an international border there…We’re talking more 10,000 people, guys and this has exploded in size in just two days…There are reports that there are more than 10,000 migrants still on the way."

.@BillFOXLA: "I have been covering the border all summer long. It’s like my 10th trip out here. I have not seen anything like this…What I'm looking at right now is — is incredible…It’s one thing seeing it on TV, but seeing it up here…It’s wild. Our border is wide open."

.@BillFOXLA Melugin and his crew spot illegal immigrants gathering grass, tree branches, and other brush to make HUTS along a highway overpass.

Melugin also said border agents are “severely outnumbered. They need some serious help…They are insanely frustrated.”

.@BillFOXLA Melugin mentions people are going back & forth between Mexico and the U.S. without any resistance, adding: “This is the most remarkably stunning thing we have seen…Something has got to change pretty quick, guys, b/c this is unsustainable.”

.@BillFOXLA: “They’re just congregating under the bridge…It is safe to say these numbers are pushing at least 11,000…You’re going to have some serious Covid concerns…Haiti has a Covid-19 vaccination rate of less than 1%…Probably looking at some serious…health issues”

.@BillFOXLA: “We’re talking about the size of college basketball arena underneath that bridge…What they’re having to do now is…basically being babysitters…There’s been no real change in policy…A court date in the future in the United States. Some…never show up.”

.@BillFOXLA: “It’s pretty wild to see this & again, zero action from the Mexican side. It’s incredible, guys…[Y]ou can't have 11,000 people just sitting and camping out in the open…I know I sound like a broken record…but, guys, this is just remarkable to witness.”


Originally tweeted by Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) on September 17, 2021.

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