Why mass vaxxinating during a hot pandemic makes everything WORSE!

…extending mass vaccination to our children is not going to help anybody. We need to protect them as much as we can through measures other to vaccinate them with any of the current C-19 vaccines (see previous contributions of mine). They’re having the best chances to resist the high infectious pressure from the Delta variant. When asymptomatically infected, they are key to diminishing the infection rate from more infectious variants, whereas their recovery from symptomatic infection is key to building herd immunity!

I hope people start to see that no single healthy individual should be considered more of an infectious threat than another and that there is no scientific rationale whatsoever for any individual, whether vaccinated or not, to discriminate against contacts with any healthy vaccinated or unvaccinated person. THE one and only big issue is the scale of this vaccination campaign. None of the current Covid-19 vaccines can live up to the challenge of controlling a pandemic of a highly mutable virus, let alone when variants are already predominantly circulating. When vaccines work, but are not perfect, and you massively deploy them in the heat of a furious (Delta!) pandemic, then you’re in really deep trouble.


Vanden Bossche has been early, strong, and always reasonable (and right) on covid and covid vaccines. He is one of our most accurate scientists on this pandemic and is definitely worth paying attention to. That said, he needs a competent editor for his work in English. ABN

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