Xi goes hardline, as he believes he must

“The best way to summarize it,” says Rudd, “is that Xi Jinping has decided that, in the overall balance between the roles of the state and the market in China, it is in the interests of the Party to pivot toward the state.” Xi is determined to transform modern China into a global great power, “but a great power in which the Chinese Communist Party nonetheless retains complete control.”

Will China’s President Xi’s big bet pay off?

The whole article is worth reading. Xi’s behavior is a clear example of the game-strategy kill-or-be-killed (KOBK). Xi believes his only option is to play KOBK. It’s not so much a bet as the linked op-ed says as a forced move. At the same time, the West must play KOBK in response or lose everything. KOBK does not necessarily mean the actual killing of real people though that often is exactly what it means. KOBK is a raw power game that seeks to totally defeat and eradicate (“kill”) political rivals, be they people, groups, gangs, nations, alliances, what-have-you. Xi has been playing KOBK since he came to power. Western policy-makers must know this; thus, they too must play KOBK in return. KOBK explains the release of the bioweapon covid, whether that was done by China, USA, both, or some other entity. No one not engaging in KOBK would poison the world. A simple scenario of KOBK that may or may not be the case is: Trump won the trade war with China. In response, Xi released covid, which has paralyzed the West (largely through our own mistakes or is this another level of KOBK?). Now, XI sees no other option but to continue. Same for the West. Based on KOBK reasoning, we cannot predict exactly what any player will do next. But we can be sure each is looking for vulnerabilities and would, if they could, land a devastating blow against the other. ABN

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