Your credit score may soon depend on your web history

In the not-too-distant future, your internet habits could help determine how much house you can buy and the rate on your next auto loan.

Sounds ridiculous? Right now, your credit score — that three-digit number that tells lenders how responsible you are — is based on simple financial information, like your payment history and debt level.

But research posted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website suggests companies will soon be looking at a lot more data to get an accurate picture of the risk you pose as a borrower.


We must develop laws and means to secure our data as our own and let no one else have it without our permission. See this for a way to do that using blockchain: Incorruptible data and medical tyranny. The ideas in the linked piece can also be applied to browser and all other personal digital data. This is a good time to reconfigure our system to make it freer, more efficient, and more private. Crises throughout our major institutions reveal where the problems are and how to fix them. A chief problem is corruption and authoritarian control from the top down in so many agencies, plus regulatory capture. We’re smart enough to fix that. ABN

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