DOD wants anomalous health incidents reported

SecDef’s letter asking DOD members to report any anomalous health incidents which have occurred, and noting, “Over the course of the last several years, and predominantly overseas, some DoD personnel have reported a series of sudden and troubling sensory events such as sounds, pressure, or heat concurrently or immediately preceding the sudden onset of symptoms such as headaches, pain, nausea, or disequilibrium (unsteadiness or vertigo).” So some DOD personnel have been hit by such weaponry while inside the United States. There is no way a human could get by the ground surveillance in the US. Either it is Cabal itself and the surveillance is support, or it would have to be a highly technologically sophisticated entity decades or even centuries ahead of us scientifically. This is very important to understanding the reality of the world we are living in, whatever the reality behind it.


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