“This is evil at the highest level”: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings

From a KOBK point of view, this phenomenon of top-down evil can be seen as part of a ruthless endgame to enslave and kill much of the world’s population. This is what Michael Yeadon has described as his greatest fear and it is well-worth considering. In Yeadon’s view, mass murder will come with booster shots that are more deadly than what is being used now. Another way to view this from a KOBK point of view is the vaccines are noise being used to divide and anger the public, setting multiple factions against each other which thus police themselves. The signal is escalating power-aggrandizement by top Western powers through health agency dictates designed to distract the public from the rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies and a “social credit system” that permits them to spy and control even more. Either way, top elites will secure more power over even more subjugated populations. A bright side of this is the totalitarian world government that will result possibly will not be horrible and may even be sort of good. I do not want any of this to be happening and I am not advocating for any of it in any way. I am simply describing what I think is happening. ABN

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