The Sussmann Indictment Reads Like Overts Acts In Furtherance of a Conspiracy – Because That’s What It Is

There is much more to this analysis than what is excerpted below. Good read and does seem to indicate Durham may actually do something important. ABN

John Durham is far too serious of a career prosecutor, with a very long and established record of meticulous investigation and preparation, to have rolled out an indictment in this fashion if he was intending to wrap up the remainder of his work with a report to the Attorney General.

…The sourcing for some of the factual details set forth in the indictment explains at least one cause for why it has taken Durham so long to get to this point. Among the documents referenced in the indictment are billing records and emails of Perkins Coie. I’m confident these were not simply handed over to Durham when he sent a grand jury subpoena to the firm. I’m confident there was a fierce battle over whether Perkins Coie had to produce these records as they involve attorney-client communications and attorney work-product information, both of which would typically be insulated from disclosure to a grand jury.

But you can see from the allegations of the indictment how vital the records were to laying the foundation for the charge — the billing records and emails show Sussmann was working for the “Tech Executive-1” and the Clinton Campaign when he met with FBI General Counsel James Baker on September 19, 2021.


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