OP ED by Dr. Joeseph Mercola: CDC Now Lists Some Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. How convenient 

Anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injection is counted as an unvaccinated death. Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks 

The CDC also has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated, CDC guidance says to use a cycle threshold (CT) of 40, known to result in false positives. If you’re vaccinated, they recommend using a CT of 28 or less, which minimizes the risk of false positives 


Trump and DeSantis should be talking about this kind of data malfeasance. It’s not hard to understand. People need to know how the CDC/govt is abusing them. Only then will they begin to ask why. There is a massive story on covid corruption, lies, and crime. The politician who tells it best will gain huge respect. It’s a plum waiting to be picked. DeSantis has told a little bit of the story with great success. Trump won in 2016 by being bold and honest on crucial issues. Why is he waiting to go after this one? He could blast their doors off in a matter of days and secure real medical treatment for Americans while also defeating the pandemic. ABN

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