CHINA must make first nuclear strike against US if Biden continues to defend Taiwan, a top Chinese diplomat says

He said: “The unconditional no first use is not suitable . . . unless China-US negotiations agree that neither side would use [nuclear weapons] first, or the US will no longer take any passive measures to undermine the effectiveness of China’s strategic forces.

“The strategic pressure on China is intensifying as (the US) has built new military alliances and as it increases its military presence in our neighbourhood.”

The threat came ahead of a meeting between the US, India, Japan and Australia – dubbed the Quad, in Washington, host by Joe Biden.


The official is speaking pure KOBK out loud. China vanquished Tibet the moment Obama caved. Then they moved on Uighurs, then Hong Kong. For over 20 years, China has displayed sheer KOBK aggression through spying, infiltrating, and stealing US secrets. With all the money they made, they have built up a powerful military using imported technology. Can we expect them to backdown now? Only top US people know if we did covid or China did covid. Either way, how does USA do KOBK now? Do they have a choice? No. China has been consistently decisive during it’s rise to world power. Except with Trump, USA has not been. I have no faith in Biden’s puppet masters or his generals. This situation is extremely dangerous because China’s threat of a nuclear strike is not empty like North Korea’s. What would you do if someone threatened to nuke you? China probably took out Trump with covid and help from US leftists. Best case is Trump is still president; Biden is part of a ruse to make USA look weak to China; we are prepared to hit them first if they make any suspicious moves. ABN

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