Kyle Bass: “What the world sees is US weakness”

It’s important to see through the recent moves by the US and China. When John Kerry returned from China in April and Sept with nothing to show for,he was told by his interlocutors that China would not engage in climate talks without the US releasing Meng from her criminal 1/4

Charges…and demanded that the US cease the genocidal human rights call-outs at the UN and other high-profile places. So what did the Biden administration do? They released Meng, didn’t even mention China as a gross human rights abuser in his UN speech, and had Commerce 2/4

Publicly announce that the US is looking to STRENGTHEN our trade ties with China. In exchange, xi himself publicly proclaimed that the Chinese would no longer build or finance coal mining projects outside of China (whew!). It’s now clear as day that 3/4

The Biden administration is now trading Human Rights and National Security Criminal Prosecutions for ridiculous climate pledges China gives today but doesn’t have to fulfill for decades. Guess who will win these ‘negotiations’? What the world sees is US weakness. @KevinPGallagher

Originally tweeted by 🇺🇸Kyle Bass🇺🇸 (@Jkylebass) on September 25, 2021.

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