Most expensive film in Chinese film history focuses on WAR with America

“We put a lot of shots of the US military in the film because this was a battle between China and the US. The US military is not an abstract symbol, but the army of a country. After World War II, the US military was very strong, making them believe they could control the world situation. However, when the war began, they did not expect that the power of China would be so great, and that Chinese power was what they had to learn. In order to maintain the authenticity of the war, we needed to feature the US military’s response,” Tsui told the Global Times.

“Why did we have to fight this battle in such an unequal situation? Just as Chairman Mao said ‘Strike one punch to avoid a hundred punches.’ It was for the safety of our children and grandchildren, and this is the spirit of our Chinese army and what we want to say,” said Huang. 


Unequivocal sign of KOBK (Kill-or-be-Killed) in the appearance of this Chinese film. Chinese are all schooled in the “Three Principles of the People” (三民主義), the first of which is “the Chinese race.” You can see this deep programming in the quote: “for the safety of our children and grandchildren, and this is the spirit of our Chinese army.” This is the foundation of China’s KOBK strategy. Moreover, Xi is 100% forced into this position for having pursued it relentlessly since he came to power. There is no way he can back down. None. Zero. Added to this is China’s economy is failing fast. Unless Xi is removed from power by an internal Chinese (KOBK) faction, war with Taiwan is inevitable and from that war with USA. Important to understand Xi is now and has always been a KOBK player. ABN

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