Special Prosecutor John Durham Issued Subpoenas to Clinton Law Firm, Perkins Coie, Earlier This Month

How can John Durham reconcile finding direct evidence of the Clinton camp and her law firm Perkins Coie working with political operatives within the FBI and DOJ, against Robert Mueller, and Andrew Weissmann hiding it?

The only way for Durham to successfully proceed in typical swamp-fashion is if he carves out the corrupt government officials and only focuses his attention at the ancillary participants operating outside government.

This appears to be his approach and will likely disappoint everyone in the final outcome.

Granting Durham the benefit of doubt on his own integrity (a stretch for me), the brutally obvious is then present.

Anyone outside government -caught in the Durham probe- can obviously threaten, blackmail and leverage their government co-conspirators to lessen/remove any punitive criminal outcomes.  The outside small fish, threaten to spill the beans on the inside big fish, and they end up with zero punishment. [Insert prior example of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe, here]


History repeats and that red part does look like most probable outcome. Basically, govt never does nothing wrong and with all that power can always blame someone else. ABN

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