Big City covid: Jobs, office occupancy, rent, and debt; no strong signs of improvement

It remains unclear to me whether there is a path forward in the big Blue cities out of Covid myopia. Most of these cities have extremely high vaccination rates–certainly anyone that wants one has received it–yet only 20-30% of workers are back in offices.


New York City has not even recovered half of the ~1.1m jobs lost due to the lockdowns.


Having spent time in these cities myself over last yr or having friends/family residing there, you could effectively use the below (job losses) as a ranking for Covid monomania (though I think SF worse than NY. DC is Covid crazy but of course has thrived during the madness)

[The right way to view the covid wars is in terms of military fronts. One front is the disease and how it is used to control us. The second front is the economy and how small and independent businesses are destroyed to benefit large businesses that are part of the globalist cabal. The third front is digital authoritarianism: vaxports, digital IDs, location tracing, etc. The fourth front is digital currency and total control of all money and all monetary transactions. Each supports the other. MSM and DC are major players as are globalist (international) bodies. It is clandestine KOBK, unrestricted warfare. If you try to kill the king, you must succeed. The king was representative government elected by an informed public; that king is now dead. ABN]


Compare restaurant reservations in SF and NYC to both Miami and other International cities. Miami way above 2019 levels; Toronto & London basically back to normal.

SF and NY have plateaued and no light at the end of the tunnel.


Despite the popular narrative being that voters support the lockdown measures, people vote with their wallets and data would suggest otherwise. SF rent has collapsed, NY and DC are just getting back to normal, and Florida has surged. I thought everyone had died there?


Allowing tourism to return would certainly be helpful to these areas while we await triple boosted, triple masked, 20 & 30-something office workers feeling "safe" to come back to the office. Although tourists would have to be confident they would not be shot or stabbed.


I guess we can just keep borrowing infinity $$. It will ultimately fall not on the Boomers doing the borrowing but on kids anyway, and they won't know any better since we deprived them of education and human connection for 2 years despite being at literally ~zero risk.


None of these "measures" were necessary or made a diff. other than to decimate urban areas primarily impacting the already disadvantaged. Entire response has been a complete & utter disgrace

COVID was always sadly here to stay. Its time to get back to life

If not now, when?

Originally tweeted by Brumby (@the_brumby) on September 29, 2021.

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