How the Intelligence Community (IC) took over US govt

I’ve linked to this before, but it is worth a second look if you missed it. Sundance checks out how the Fourth Branch of Government – the all-powerful Intelligence Branch with no oversights or checks and balances, was established under Obama, and utilized checks and balances on the other branches to isolate their threats and keep them in the dark, and how they used private sector partnerships to create power structures and funding outside of government. He points out Holder oversaw a takeover of the FBI so they could get control of the FBI’s security clearance process, and keep patriots out of the intelligence branch, as they weaponized DOJ’s “IG/oversight-free” NatSec division to target political opponents. It is a good article, showing the parts of the machine behind the ridiculous domestic surveillance machine. Although I will say the Domestic Surveillance machine considerably predates Obama. I’ve seen it myself going back decades, fully operational complete with kid spooks in the schools working their fellow students under direction of the parents, which makes me wonder if Sundance was given some sort of cover story to minimize how bad things have been, make it look like a new temporary thing, and diminish how guilty the parties involved are. Either way, it is important to understand the extent of the intelligence/surveillance machine we face, the complete control it has, its complete lack of limits, its ever-present civilian informant network and make everyone aware of it all before what would seem inevitable hostilities break out.


AC provides a good overview. Be sure to read the Sundance piece linked at the top as it is essential for understanding our predicament. I agree with AC that Sundance may be a bit soft on what is happening and also I wonder if AC understands that domestic spying is done not only by IC but also private groups, tentacles of globo-cabal, and multigenerational organizations that date back centuries. There is room here for many perspectives, especially since very few know precisely what is happening. Readers of this site can rest assured though that almost nothing is what it seems and that a violent battle for control of the world is underway. ABN

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