Top doc behind covid vax & policy mistakes quits

Dr. Francis Collins is reportedly stepping down from his role as Director at the National Institutes of Health. The news was broken by Politico late Monday night:


Would be a great moral act and help the entire world if Collins were to come clean on all the covid bs right now. He has the Noble Lie excuse. Or the Noble Lie that went off the rails excuse. However he puts it, if he just tells the truth and addresses covid mistakes (including vax mortality, harms, and failures) honestly, the world will come out ahead of where he and Fauci have led us. I do not see any way that Collins does not know he is guilty of destroying millions of lives. From a Buddhist point of view, a full confession from him if done well will clear all his horrible karma and improve the lives of everyone in the world. In Buddhism, the way for him to proceed is: 1) admit his fault completely; 2) explain how it happened but do not excuse yourself from your role in any of it; 3) vow never to do anything like it again; 4) make amends wherever possible to the people you have harmed. Not an easy thing to do, but great expiations require great acts. I honestly wish him the best. He can set an example for all the scientists, doctors, medical professionals, administrators, and pharmacists who have actively and passively contributed to the covid mass murders. ABN

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