Vaccine experts advise the White House to ABANDON its plan to provide Covid booster shots to all Americans in yet another setback for the Biden administration’s rollout

Experts are urging the White House to drop its plan to roll out COVID-19 vaccine boosters to all Americans, according to a new report.  

A group of vaccine experts outside the administration – some of whom even took part in President Biden’s transition team – advised federal officials to narrow the scope of the booster rollout, sources familiar with the matter told POLITCO.

Some advisors from the FDA and CDC both oppose the universal roll out of boosters due to limited evidence that the shots are needed at this time.


They say “limited evidence that the shots are needed at this time,” but what they mean is the vaxxes have completely failed and are killing at a higher rate than covid itself. It was well-known even before the vax rollout that mass vaxxing into a hot pandemic is doomed to failure. Even New Zealand figured that out yesterday. Why are health officials and politicians such idiots? Horrible close-minded fools who have killed millions due to greed, stupidity, or pure evil; take your pick. Lockdowns and school closing are also completely failed policies. Many of the world’s top people should resign in shame and turn policy over to the people who have been warning them for the past 20 months. ABN

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