“There is only one model which explains this ‘must explain’ facet of the analytical domain”: Ethical Skeptic

1. An earlier release of Covid in China (2017/18)
2. Two years of global asymmetric spread (what it is doing now even)
3. E65 – 180 prior immunity to COVID itself.

[Ethical Skeptic above. Covid19Crusher below Links at bottom. ABN]

Those pandemic differences remain staggering and poorly explained:

Originally tweeted by Covid19Crusher (@Covid19Crusher) on October 8, 2021.

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on October 8, 2021.

If Ethical Skeptic is correct, and I find it very likely he is, then these data are showing that covid began in China in 2017. The most sinister interpretation of this is that China knowingly released covid or a milder version of covid early to inoculate its population against covid19, which it released later. A more benign interpretation is covid escaped the Wuhan lab in 2017. The inoculation this earlier version provided spread throughout the region, thus greatly dampening the effect of covid19 in those areas. Though the disease was worse in Europe and America, many people in these regions have also been inoculated by the earlier version of covid. A central fact to all analyses of covid is it seems to be conclusive that the virus is an engineered bioweapon. ABN

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