“INCOMPETENCE EXCUSE” surfaces for CDC’s calamitous response to covid; WaPo plays along

The CDC is charged with making sense of the patchwork of state data and regularly issues reports on outbreaks. But critics say the CDC operates too slowly, as if it were an academic institution and not a first responder in a crisis. A long-standing criticism is that the agency focuses heavily on retrospective studies and does not share the results quickly — even with other health agencies. The CDC traditionally has emphasized empirical rigor over speed, an aspiration that is in conflict with the demands of a rapidly evolving health emergency.

Messy, incomplete U.S. data hobbles pandemic response

CDC is being falsely excused in this sloppy WaPo piece that fails to even mention that, based on the same shit data, CDC and NIH BANNED effective early treatments for covid while mandating “poison death shots,” as Zelenko aptly calls them. Incompetence is always the go-to govt excuse as causality and responsibility can be obfuscated while at the same time claiming more money is needed to fix the problem. Some 450,000 Americans needlessly died from covid due to govt health policies that all clearly pointed in one direction: toward more death, hardship, disruption, subjugation, fear, and mandatory vaxxines. ABN

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