Too many people are dying and it’s showing

Demographers are starting to notice a puzzling increase in mortality, especially among the young, and it is a big mystery. Very ominous article, indicating the mortality from the vaxes may just be beginning. The problem with autoimmunities is they can affect anything, even things which don’t produce clearly defined symptoms immediately, like the heart. But all the while it is like that tissue is aging at an incredible rate, and by the time symptoms show up, significant damage is already done.


From the linked article:

So the question to ask ourselves is: What has changed? It appears plausible that the excess mortality seen throughout Europe is caused by the vaccination campaign against COVID-19. After all, the excess deaths that we witness, fit the kind of characteristics of the deaths we’ve seen from the vaccine: They are typically cases of heart failure or strokes, they occur suddenly in otherwise healthy people and they’re not really age-linked the way most illness is.


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