McCullough testifies in Maine against vax mandate

According to McCullough, these deaths and ailments are among “patients who did not have any of these serious conditions prior to the onset of the vaccine program who developed or died within 28 days of receiving a [COVID] vaccine.” The data was quarried to rule out anyone who had a record of any of these ailments since Jan. 1, 2020. Thus, these are not people who were sick with some of the blood disorders listed in the table. It doesn’t mean that all of them died of the vaccine, but it sure is suspicious.

As McCullough noted, “Twenty-eight days within the administration of any investigational drug or product is within a regulatory window of concern” and is therefore “of interest” to regulators.

Although there is no way to prove definitively, absent an investigation, that all or most of them were due to the vaccine, McCullough asserted that it is concerning given that some of the other reported injuries seem to align with some of the known side effects from the vaccine. For example, 216 suffered an embolism and 201 developed a low platelet count. “These are well-known syndromes that can occur after the vaccine,” noted the doctor. “In fact, there is a disease now called vaccine induced thrombocytopenic purpura, which is serious – it’s related to thrombosis, related to severe anemia, related to organ dysfunction like kidney failure, and this has occurred in 201 individuals in Maine within the vaccine. This is not something that has any spontaneous occurrence at this level.”


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