Canadian Government Bans Employees From Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The meme phrase started as fans at sports games began constantly chanting “f-ck Joe Biden,” but was misunderstood to have been “let’s go Brandon” by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast while she was interviewing Nascar driver Brandon Brown.

A letter from the Canadian government to employees, dated October 14, was posted online by Peter McCaffrey, the president of the Alberta Institute. It said that it was a “formal notification” that the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” in any form is banned by the Canadian Public Service.


Hilarious! Political censorship leads to comical absurdities like this or like Xi Jinping being portrayed as Winnie the Pooh in China. Humor and mockery of authoritarians is one of our best weapons against them. I am not at all in favor of mocking almost anyone else. ABN

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