Kill-or-be-Killed (KOBK) as a guide to how top global players MUST think (and so should you if you want to understand them)

When American generals wanted to nuke the Soviet Union at the close of WW2, they were proposing a KOBK strategy; “kill” the SU now while we still can before they grow big enough to “kill” us.

When McArthur wanted to nuke communist China and take it over during the Korean War, he was proposing KOBK. When Lyman Lemnitzer proposed a false flag operation to provoke war with Cuba, he was proposing a KOBK strategy that would have impacted the Soviet Union and possibly started WW3.

KOBK is 100% amoral. It is how top people must think and act. They have no choice. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), which is a bastard child of KOBK, only worked for a few decades vis-à-vis the Soviet Union. I do not believe it is a workable strategy against China. Even if USA/West appears to cooperate with China, neither side can possibly ignore the KOBK reality of the situation. Xi Jinping in particular has no choice but to play KOBK at home and on the world stage.

I myself do not like KOBK and wish it were not the absolute bottom line it is. I myself am a practicing Buddhist who strongly believes in the most basic Buddhist teaching: “Do no evil ever. Do good always. Purify your mind.” That said, if I were thrust into power at the top, how could I not see the reality of KOBK? How could I not consider that my adversaries must be thinking in KOBK terms and therefore so must I? To think KOBK at the top is to do KOBK unless you are a fool.

Ordinary people with little or no power are fortunate in that they can practice basic Buddhist morality and actually purify their minds. A top KOBK player could also be a good Buddhist but their thinking would surely be more complex and stressful than mine. Buddhism actually recognizes that some very powerful world leaders who appear from an ordinary angle to be cruel are not cruel at all but are Bodhisattvas bringing millions closer to enlightenment by showing them the deep reality of this realm of suffering.

If we want to analyze the current world situation, we must understand that top people cannot but think in KOBK terms. Is the Western cabal trying to take over the world? Of course they are. Is China trying to destroy the Western cabal and take over the world? Yes, they probably are unless they think they are “cooperating” with the cabal… as Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gadhafi did. Hussein thought it would be madness for the West to destroy him because he was the strongest asset they had against Islamic terrorism. Gadhafi held similar delusions believing the West would never harm him because his Libya was a solid bulwark against uncontrollable African immigration into Europe. Both men miscalculated. The KOBK thinking of the West was different than that.

When thinking about the covid bioweapon and the weaponization of the covid response and Chinese actions against Taiwan, we must consider how top players are using KOBK strategies.

UPDATE: The stolen presidency in USA, exposure of covid vaxxes as bioweapons, and the war in Ukraine clearly strengthen the argument made above. ABN

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