Kairos School district in Solano County, California rejects mandate

A COVID-19 vaccination mandate is unnecessary, as reported by the Solano County Public Health Officer, for students. Healthy children are not generally at risk of hospitalization or death from a COVID-19 infection. Of the 66,000 COVID- 19 deaths in California since January 2020, there have been 33 deaths among children under 18, lower than the typical death rate among children during average flu seasons over a similar time period. The estimated infection fatality rate for children ages 0-17 is 0.00002%.2 Put another way, children have a one in a million risk of dying from COVID-19. Moreover, a recent review found that the mortality risk for children without serious pre-existing conditions is effectively zero.3 The COVID-19 School Dashboard developed by Brown University tracks over 5,000 schools, 4 million students, and 1.3 million staff, and has consistently found student and staff infection rates of 0.1% to 0.2% since it began publishing in September 2020. Regardless, parents who wish to provide their child with extra protection from COVID-19 already have the opportunity to get their child vaccinated. A mandate for all students does not broaden such an opportunity.


Not only unnecessary but also harmful. ABN

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