FBI Raids DC Home of Oleg Deripaska, Chris Steele’s Former Employer and Central Player in Corrupt FBI Operation Against Donald Trump

First things first.  I feel the need to apologize to Mr. Deripaska.  It is an unfortunate situation to see Oleg Deripaska receiving the Julian Assange treatment.  Yes, that is exactly what is happening today as the institutionally corrupt FBI and DOJ attempt to throw a bag over Deripaska, in order to cover up their previous operations.

That said, Oleg Deripaska is not stupid, he knows these players and knows exactly what game the corrupt U.S. officials are playing.   It was transparently obvious over the past few days that something was happening in the background.  The Fourth Branch of Government, intelligence apparatus, Dept of Justice, FBI, and media enablers -writ large- began conducting an information warfare operation.


If you want to understand what is going on with this raid and with Durham and the whole corrupt legacy of the past 25 years, and particularly the Obama years, you have to read Sundance. There is a very large payoff in understanding for your investment in time spent reading. ABN

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