Widespread drugging drinks in UK bars suggests internecine battle waged against promising youth

Drink spiking at clubs is so prominent in Britain women are protesting by staying home. I ran into a guy online who was certain the Happy Face killings were just the tip of a nationwide operation. He believed the vast majority of the times it just drugged young men with promise, possibly videoed them in compromising sexual situations, and then dumped them unconscious in their underwear on the side of isolated roads. He knew a young college guy it happened to, and he felt those cases were not reported due to embarrassment, so all that got recorded were the times they over dosed the men, or maybe killed them for other reasons. In the case he related, it appeared the victim was set up by his college friends who must have been Cabal, and was handed off to an organized crew of other college aged people from out of town at a rock concert before his friends vanished. If all of a sudden there was an organized campaign of drink-spiking across the UK, I can’t help but wonder if these were girls who were going places, but who were not Cabal-kids who were in the network.


If you think the headline is far-fetched, you understand nothing about the modern world. America and Western Europe have already been taken over by techniques like this. If you’ve read this far and still can’t quite accept a covert military-style operation on a very large scale could have happened in USA, consider the rewards: control of most powerful and wealthiest country in the world. Then consider how quickly we have fallen. The whole process took several generations, but here we are today—all of our institutions taken over. Apply what you know about the many evils surrounding covid and our national response; then extrapolate to everything else. ABN

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