Lithuania being isolated by China, an old tactic they use all the time

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China’s treatment of Lithuania is a “wake up call” for Europe, Lithuania’s deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday, calling for the European Union to be united in dealings with Beijing.

China demanded in August that Lithuania withdraw its ambassador in Beijing after Taiwan announced that its office in Vilnius would be called the Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania.

“China is trying to make an example out of us – a negative example, so that other countries don’t necessarily follow that path, and therefore it is a matter of principle how the Western community, the United States, and European Union reacts,” he said.


China has used this tactic on American companies with great effect. Favor some, who then lobby for more trade with China, while punishing others who tend to be ignored by Congress because they have a complex problem that is difficult to address; and even if it is will cause members of Congress to get bad treatment from China. Similar play-one-against-the-other tactics have been used against US universities based on research access in China or grants from China. Confucius Centers are but one example of this. ABN

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