WTF is Internet Of Bio Nano Things (IoBNT) and How Secure Is It?

Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT) is a domain where biochemical processes inside the human body communicate the cyber world of the internet. IoBNT paradigm stems from synthetic biology and nanotechnology tools and enables the engineering of biological embedded computing devices called nano-machines.

Nano-machines are powerful and functional man-made tiny devices. The functionality of these devices is inspired by the behavior of atomic and molecular structures composed of nanoscale components.

…IoBNT architecture is an extended version of the Internet of Things paradigm. IoBNT uses the cyber communication backbone of IoT. The main difference is in the perception layer, where the sensors are deployed. The sensors used in IoBNT are nano-scale and use the nano-scale communication technologies (Molecular Communication/ Terahertz based Nano electromagnetic Communication).


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