Sunday Talks, Incompetent and Ideological Energy Secretary Says You Will Pay Historic Rates For Home Heating, and There is Nothing They Can Do About It

A comprehensively incompetent U.S. Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, has the audacity to say that Biden’s administration has no responsibility for gas prices likely to reach $4/gal, and Americans this year are almost certain to pay historic amounts for home heating oil and natural gas.

Everything in this soundbite from her interview with CNN is stunningly false, manipulative and misleading.   The U.S. has an abundant amount of energy resources, likely more oil than all other OPEC countries combined in Alaska alone.   The issue is a current administration that refuses to extract oil and natural gas because they are purposefully and intentionally intent on destroying the U.S. economy under the guise of climate change.

Granholm admits that gasoline is likely to go beyond $4/gal in the national average, and home heating costs are almost certain to crush Americans this year.  Infuriating to see such willful stupidity go unchallenged.  WATCH:

So what can a U.S. President and administration specifically do?


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