Comment I received in an email

My hypothesis what’s going on. Many people default to trusting socially accredited experts. They trust the government acts in our interests. Holding this view requires much less energy and causes much less stress than being critical. It’s essentially an avoidance strategy and a bias for humans to seek a state of comfort and energy conservation. Also information targeting our stem brain and instincts travel much faster through society than information that requires our neo cortex. So once somebody instills fear in a group, that group will not respond to rationally presented information.

I’ve never heard or thought of the part in red. Seems right to me. Interestingly, I just posted this: Dr. Stephen Porges speaks about spirituality concepts from a Polyvagal perspective. Porges talks about the brain stem and how proper or right stimulation of it lights up the upper vagal nerve, which must include the neocortex. ABN

UPDATE: If you know about chakras that will help understanding what Porges is saying. He presents a kind of chakra explanation of bodily energy states that manifest in consciousness. His system relies on the vagus nerve, which he describes as having three levels of potential “centrality”; levels in which the bodily vagus and associated organs can dominate with different effects that much resemble how the chakras operate. ABN

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