Email to a friend wherein I propose that we are infested with a “large parasite that is ineradicable but also not so efficient or smart at establishing a new form of control”

I do wonder what happened at the top. could top ppl have been so stupid to make their plan depend on a shit vax? or are top ppl mostly bumblers like Gates, Fauci? or are the top ppl above Gates, Fauci but only have approx plans and can work with the present situation; throw Fauci overboard if need be? I do see an extensive spy, poison, and control system at all levels (see the AZ school story on ABN) but maybe they are large and strong but not very efficient and have shit plans… that would jibe if they are fundamentally a parasitic org, which they appear strongly to be. so we are infected with an extensive, large parasite that is ineradicable but also not so efficient or smart at establishing a new form of control. it’s best at parasitizing something already established and well-functioning; hence the unrelenting decline of the West with no good or clear prospects at the bottom of the hill

In this interpretation, an all-powerful corporatocracy or secret society or rogue intelligence agency poised to seize world power is not the chief cause of our rapid demise. Rather a parasite with those features which has infested our society is. If this is true, we can expect more bad policies and bleeding away of wealth, power, and genius from our world. But probably need not fear so much that we will be locked down forever under a strict regime that is efficiently turning us all into zombies (which is still a real possibility). ABN

second send to same friend

for now, I am fairly convinced the global oligopoly is a parasite with but vague direction and limited ability and capability. that most closely describes what we are seeing. sloppy, greedy, ad hoc everywhere. covid most of all was to get rid of Trump. now they are using it for more and also to cover up their real reasons for releasing the virus. a similar plan was Russia collusion as that led to the Mueller bs which was a fishing trip and also a method for covering up what they did and why – to get rid of Trump. that calculus provides a measure for what we are dealing with. analyses of election fraud show how sloppy it was; similar to AZ school infestation. wherever you look you see mostly slobs doing sloppy work – deblasio, gavin, Obiden, etc. at the same time money is gushing uphill to top ppl

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