CDC Ruins The Mandate Push

The CDC used to keep a table around that showed their estimated prevalence of Covid-19.  That stopped being updated for months — right through the middle of the “mandate screamfest” which started in the summer.

Well, it’s back — and it ruins Biden’s mandate demands.

It gets worse.  Note that the 5th Circuit stated that one of the primary problems with the OSHA mandate is that Covid-19 is not deadly to all but a few people.  Well, in this same publication is the infection fatality rate for population segments.  It’s not good for the mandating folks.

It shows that for working age people — those under 65 years old — in no group does the IFR exceed 0.25%.

In those under 50 the IFR is no greater than 0.04%!

And in those under 18 it is 0.0009%.  In other words, statistically zero.


This is a heartfelt rant, well-worth reading. In strong language from several angles, the mandates and vaxxes are shown to be more harmful than beneficial. The vax seems to degrade the natural immune system after boosting it for a few weeks due to the adjuvants contained. After that, immune decline is continuous and gets worse after each shot except for additional short boosts. Long-term is unknown. Who wants to risk that? How can anyone give that to young people? ABN

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