A prosecutor in court did this during his closing argument in a case involving this gun. This strengthens the view that globally we are being “led” by a giant parasite made up of many individuals, most of whom are on the left and clueless about real life. Below this photo is another photo of two (or three) also clueless “global leaders,” two of whom breezed in on their private jet en route to the climate summit. Lastly, we have Resident Obiden not-watching VP Wannabe as she scrambles to improve her public image. A conveniently positioned extra representing “normal people,” I suppose, balances this picture with a stock smile

bonus photos

that really is her, yesterday or day before
KH on her way to the podium

I really do not enjoy mocking people, but almost all of the “world leaders” currently escorting us toward madhouses and prison camps are simply not fit to be where they are. ABN

UPDATE: email to a friend:

I think the elite is a group with fairly standard group dynamics. they are a group due to wealth, power, legacy. they meet and shit gets decided, plans, ideals, etc. they think very highly of themselves so want to work with big ideas

but they forget the best big idea is a healthy, well-informed polity that elects a rep govt and watches over it with help of a free and independent press. having forgotten that, they proceed to destroy the planet’s best idea while poisoning polity with shit vax and drugs. luckily for them, their stupid ideas and actions are causing vast wealth to flow their way. this makes it even harder to admit mistakes which they by and large have never done ever

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