mildly interesting

It looks like the Rittenhouse prosecutor has an email address which reads,, according to the data aggregation sites. For those who don’t know, a “fluffer” is an employee of a pornographic film company whose job it is to keep the male actors erect in between filming scenes. Now I am not sure an enterprising individual couldn’t somehow attach his name to that email in a database somewhere and it propagated to the aggregator sites. But so far it appears legit, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was an email he set up for use trolling gay sites. Moreover, it wouldn’t surprise me if every major figure with power had something like that in their background, and that is why they have that power. The only two people who I am confident were clean, would have been President Trump, and NY Governor David Patterson, and both appear to have been pushed out of office quickly through corrupt machinations of the Cabal. Everybody else is probably compromised.


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