Biden Purchases Ten Million Courses of Pfizer COVID Pills for $5.3 Billion, Equals $530 Per Treatment Course

This is a small example of the stunning graft and hypocrisy within the ideological Biden administration.

The White House has announced {SEE HERE} they are purchasing ten million courses of the new Pfizer COVID therapeutic treatment pill called Paxlovid.

[…] “Today, I’m announcing that we have purchased 10 million treatment courses of the Pfizer antiviral COVID-19 pill, with delivery starting at the end of this year and across 2022.” (link)

The Biden payment to Pfizer is for $5.3 billion {link}  At 10 million courses that equals $530 per treatment.

Laughably the White House says “pending FDA approval“, as if the FDA would not approve the Pfizer pill.


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