“I’m really afraid that the discussion about mass vaccination is still about the side-effects… the key message is under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should children and young people be vaccinated because… this is going to lead to a disaster… [by] preventing the population from getting herd immunity”: Geert Vanden Bossche

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Vanden Bossche says that, with few exceptions, no one under forty should be vaccinated because mass vaxxing: 1) prevents herd immunity and 2) will lead to a disaster because the immune systems of the vaxxed will eventually be unable to defend against a variant that has evolved to evade vax antibodies. Moreover, he says, repeat booster shots will cause the immune systems of the vaxxed to become unresponsive to the virus, rendering the vaxxed completely defenseless. He’s been right about everything else so far, so I would take what he is saying very seriously. ABN

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