AUSTRALIA: A total idiot with 2 much power speaks

NEW – Australian defense force called in to haul positive #COVID19 cases and close contacts to quarantine centers.

Originally tweeted by (@disclosetv) on November 22, 2021.

The fallacy that only vaxxes can stop covid is wrong because: 1) zero covid is impossible; 2) the vaxxes present their own harms especially as more boosters are required; 3) early treatments and/or prophylaxes work very well; 4) fear and coercion are terrible public health policies; and 5) the vaxxes don’t even work—they don’t stop transmission, they prevent herd immunity, and they degrade the immune system which will lead to many bad outcomes as the months roll on. Putting “contacts” in covid camps is a sure way to spread the disease. Will those people be treated with HCQ or IVM? If not this policy is not just a piggish authoritarian move it is also murder. ABN

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