Mind-control through TV comedy

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert says self-defense laws should change so that Kyle Rittenhouse would have been found guilty. The main thing about this article is it describing him saying this and then getting cheers from the crowd. There was a psychologist a few years back who went over how a show like Colbert’s was textbook psychological programming and conditioning. He explained how shocked colleagues were when he showed an episode, and displayed how everything was perfectly structured and timed at regular intervals. A conservative idea or person was proposed, the host made a derogatory snarky remark, the crowd laughed, and that pattern was repeated over and over, timed perfectly to maximize the psychological conditioning to hear a conservative ideal or name, hear ridicule, and a few seconds later hear the crowd laugh in approval. He pointed out, a viewer who watched every day would get fifteen to twenty repetitions per day on a show with a monologue followed by interviews, or they could get forty or more repetitions every day on a show just filled with the host’s act. That is enough repetitions to burn that reflexive snarky dismissal of anything conservative into people’s brains. My impression was shows like Colbert are probably designed, written, and produced by something like the eggheads of the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology, and Colbert is just some low-rent actor hired by the organization to present the material.


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