It is simply a fact that Western European white men created the greatest civilization the world has ever seen

White people, mostly white men, created the modern world. It is simply a fact that Western European white men created the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. That is why it has spread all over and why everyone who is able to copies it.

Not all whites did this. Many were serfs, slaves, peasants, servants, uneducated. And not everything in European civilization was great. Whites were and still are particularly weak in analyses of the human mind. Buddhist cultures were far ahead of the West in this area even during the time of the Buddha over 2,000 years ago.

Today, white people are accused of so much nonsense there is no point in refuting any of it. Whites are a great people and should be widely respected and honored for everything they have done for the human race. They should feel reasonably proud of their heritage and wisely cognizant of it, as should everyone else.

Having allowed peoples from all over the world to immigrate into their communities, whites now face daily attacks by idiots who have been taught by other idiots to hate them. One of the weakest aspects of white civilization is the sloppy “love” advocated by Christianity. It does not work, has not worked and will not work. This is one reason whites have been slow in developing a clear and realistic understanding of the human mind.

The Buddha was smart enough to know that his teachings should not be written in stone. They are supposed to change and evolve with whatever conditions prevail around them. This is a major reason the Buddha said the greatest virtue is wisdom, not compassion or worse yet anything resembling sloppy Christian “love.” Incidentally, Christian “love” properly should be understood as charity, meaning a generosity of spirit, a willingness to help and forgive but not a “loving” suicide pact of blindness to obvious realities.

One theory of white intercultural stupidity is whites evolved in cold, harsh areas that required good treatment of strangers and non-relatives. If true, this trait may be written into white genes and account for their lack of ethnocentricity and, yes, compared to other peoples, their lack of racial prejudice; their dislike of it.

Not sure how we are all going to get along or if it’s even possible. But the world is not helped in any way by disrespecting white people or ungratefully lusting after their destruction as some communists who have massively benefitted from white technology, science, money, and ideas are now doing. Nor is the world helped in any way by white people denigrating themselves while allowing all of their cultural institutions to be taken over by revolutionaries who seek only to destroy whiteness and white civilization (with nothing to replace it with).


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