Kamala Harris is branded a ‘bully’ and accused of inflicting ‘constant, soul-destroying criticism’ on staff by ex-aides who claim she refused to read briefings, then scolded them if she was slated for being unprepared as ‘FOUR’ staffers head for the exit

A former underling of Kamala Harris she routinely refused to review briefing materials and would then scold employees when she appeared unprepared

The ex-employee likened the vice president to a workplace bully 

Even more staffers are considering leaving Vice President Kamala Harris’ office, people familiar with the conversations revealed 

Four top aides to Harris will exit in the span of about a month

Harris ‘ staff are leaving because they’re burned out and they don’t want to be permanently branded a ‘Harris person,’ Axios reported

Among those leaving are her chief spokesperson Symone Sanders

Peter Velz, director of press operations, and Vince Evans, deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement are also expected to leave 

Ashley Etienne, Harris’ former communications director, left last month


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