Omicron and Alpha are cousins and share a genetic grandparent that existed before covid-19 was supposed to exist

This is probably a very big deal. Omicron or very similar could be the virus China released in 2017 to inoculate its population in preparation for the 2019 deliberate release of covid-19 in Wuhan. There is every reason to assume Western intelligence services knew that a novel respiratory virus was active in East Asia (centered around China) as early as 2017. In another Tweet TES says: “It was not as deadly during those two years [2017-2018]. And it was not hidden completely. Pig Ebola was a good cover story, but intel services hit onto something going on…” With this sort of assumption we can still consider that Western IC knew about the early virus and was well-prepared for the release of a stronger relative in 2019; and thus able to use covid-19 to seize even more power and wealth through our disastrous (for everyone else) “lockstep” covid responses. Other hypotheses are worth considering but this finding does strengthen the one that China released a milder inoculant virus in 2017 in preparation of the stronger covid-19 version. Their aim was most likely to unseat Donald Trump, an aim shared by Western IC and pursued accordingly. It would be reasonable to suspect collusion between China and West in this. ABN

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