“Predictive programming” is hiding inside it

We have gotten to the point where information warning us away from a dystopian future also works as “predictive programming” preparing us through hypnotic suggestion to submit and accept that dystopian future. Even my writing this can be viewed in that way. This is not an inescapable trap. Once we see how it works, we can avoid being programmed. Information today is voluminous, often two-faced, often deceptive. Watch the video below and notice the many repetitions that can be taken either as warnings or as hypnotic inductions into dystopia. ABN

One further point: the word “not” is often used in psychological suggestion to construct a message with the opposite meaning. “Not allow our freedom to be taken away from us. Not now, not ever, and certainly not on our watch.” This construct works because the subconscious discards the not, especially when repeated, and accepts the opposite meaning—we will “allow our freedom to be taken away from us.” I know nothing about whoever produced the video above and have no idea what they intended. Still, this video can be seen as sending a hidden message opposite to what it appears to be conveying. We need to have this sort of sophistication when viewing media today. ABN

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